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Custom software shouldn’t be painful

Don’t just hand requirements to someone and hope for the best, partner with an Agile custom development shop.

One80 will work with you iteratively to help you validate and bring your vision to life. 

Custom Development

Technology is part of every business, but should not get in the way of you making money.  Let us help you by focusing on the technology so that you can focus on what is important – the business.

Is it time to refresh and modernize your current applications, upgrade them or completely change the technology?  No worries, we will guide you through the steps as you make those decisions. Together, we can determine a strategy and then execute that strategy.

• Custom Applications
• Software Development
• System Modernization
• Mobile Software Solutions

• Website Design
• Website Development
• Project Recovery
• Automating Manual Processes

Are you in a unique industry?  No problem.

Our decades of experience have given us the skills necessary to quickly and seamlessly adapt to any new industry. Some of the industries for which we have built applications are:

• Health Care
• Banking
• Commodities
• Agriculture
• Manufacturing

• Human Resources
• Tax
• Insurance
• Advertising



Tell us about your plans, needs, and what you want to build. We’ll get into the who, what, and why with you to ensure your bases are covered and we fully understand your goals.

We use Agile Development to build a prioritized plan to get things done.


Sketch out some ideas and get the visuals just right.


We’ll build your vision using the technology that’s right for your product.


Because we build iteratively, you get demos throughout the course of the project – not just at completion.  In this way, your thoughts and ideas can be incorporated into future iterations.


“No one process works for every company. One80 understands the business problem and business domain we deal in, and are flexible in their processes to say what’s important and what’s not. They come up with a unique custom process that will help you and your company be the most efficient.”

– Michael S.


“One80 is very knowledgeable about Scrum. They stay very current, very true to the parts of Scrum that work. They are good teachers, very personable, easy going, great at their job. I trust them completely, which is why I wanted them so badly. The One80 team still gets critical, high profile work from me because I know I don’t have to worry about it.”

– Dea M.


“During the interview process, we heard solutions, ideas and foresight from One80 that other candidates were nowhere near giving us at that point. This was the biggest thing that stood out and it still does. One80 provides solutions and thinking. They are not just checking off boxes.”

– Kiley H.


“It almost felt like we were consulting with One80 even before we hired them. Our gut feeling was that they were going to be ultra flexible and find something that worked for us and understand our business rather than trying to jam a process down our throats.”

– Michael S.


“I needed people I could trust who would get to the bottom of what was going on. I needed someone to get teams back to high performance. I had good experiences with One80.”

– Dea S.

Understand the Why

“The one thing a lot of others tend to do is give you the rituals of project management, but they don’t help you understand why. There are several different methodologies out there and they tend to blend together. One80 doesn’t just give you facts and rituals, they give you the why and the when so you understand how to be effective as a PM.”

– Sean B.

About Us

We see other custom development shops acting as “short order cooks”, eliminating collaboration and client feedback while adhering to strictly written requirements.

In these situations, clients are often paying more than initial cost estimates for unnecessary features, buggy interactions, late deliveries, and a whole lot of frustration.

Our mission is to build great software products by involving clients throughout the development process. By partnering with you, we ensure that your product will be valuable, of high quality, and within budget.

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